Our compliance offerings provide a one stop compliance solution that assists your organization with an independent assessment of your regulatory compliance operations.

Our approach utilizes a combination of technology and hands-on reviews by senior level credentialed consultants in order to give you realistic solutions that can strengthen your regulatory compliance operations.

Our Focus Areas Include:

  •  Compliance Program Assessments:
    Through a series of open forum discussions, surveys, process reviews and program testing we can ascertain the strengths of your compliance program, identify potential weaknesses and make realistic recommendations that can be implemented to strengthen potential weaknesses.
  • Outsourced Compliance Officer and Program Management:
    Fulfills all facets of OIG HHS recommended Compliance Program elements.  This includes being the defcto compliance officer, monitoring hotlines, educations, ongoing monitoring and other compliance related tasks” requirements of any compliance program.
  • Ongoing Compliance Assessments:
    Fulfills the “Ongoing Monitoring” requirements of any compliance program. Utilizing proprietary software we perform a high-level assessment of your Medicare inpatient and outpatient billed claims. This review assists us highlight potential risk areas and fine tuning a workplan to test these areas to ensure compliance.  In addition working with your team we can identify other areas of concern that can be included into the ongoing assessment.
  • Compliance Education:
    With our diverse senior-level professionals we are able to develop education programs that are targeted and customized to the appropriate audiences.   When coupled with our ongoing assessments, real examples are utilized to demonstrate issues and discuss compliance appropriateness.
  • Independent Review Organization / Self-Reporting Assistance:
    Source 1 is a recognized leader in the compliance areas. Our work products are accepted by the OIG and DOJ. Over the past 10 years we have assisted providers with meeting their obligations in a practical and efficient manner.
  • Other Compliance Issues:
    Depending on the types of things your organization is involved in; we can assist with ensuring that compliance is considered along the way and that measures are implemented to facilitate compliance adherence. Some examples of this would be: research, organ procurement, clinical trials, etc.